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Take the Trepidation out of Tax Preparation

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Each year it’s the same.  The last-minute rush to the post office to get a date stamp on the envelope that contains a tax return.  Just before midnight on April 18, you’ll find a news crew at the post office talking to last minute filers lined up in the street, waiting to mail their tax returns to the IRS.   Some are literally shaking as they drop their envelopes into the mail.  Some are soafraid of making a mistake, theydouble and triple check each page before sealing the envelope and only relax once they receive their refund in the mail.

Many people still prefer the old-fashioned way of doing taxes, bringing out shoeboxes stuffed with receipts and notes to back up their figures.  Relying on pop-up tax preparation shops to get their paperwork completed and ready to turn in on time.  If this is what you’ve done in the past, take the trepidation out of tax preparation by using a money saving Groupon to purchase products from Turbo Tax this year.  With a Groupon, you can save as much as 20% off their most popular software, $20 off student tax preparations and find hints and tips that will save you additional money.  Turbo Tax software products make tax filing easy by.  There question and answer technique draws out all the information you need to report, provides useful tips and information that will boost your confidence in your returns.

The last 25 years have seen giant strides in the ease and efficiency of software developed for tax preparation.  From the confusing and tedious desktop software then, to theonline solutions of today, tax preparation has become streamlined and expanded to support all the major IRS forms.  Turbo Tax searches more than 350 deductions to make sure you get the maximum refund, or pay the correct amount of taxes each year.  Over the years, they have improved their process to mimic the 1040 form, but obtain the information from you in a user-friendly way.  You supply the answers to their probing questions.  They fill in the blanks on the form.  Before you know it, you’re ready to sign off on a complete return.  It’s the number one reason the line at the post office gets shorter each year.  You can take it a step further and get advice from their team of experts who will gladly walk you through the whole process and guarantee your return will be done properly.

So go with the flow and beat the streets.  Use Turbo Tax… and relax.


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