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Pranab mukherjee will be the next president of india.

What the circumstances shown in the cloud of politics that show Pranab mukherjee will be the next President  of of now maximum parties are showing intrest for supporting  him.Pranab mukherjee have support of left as well as TMC and what i know about SP and BSP both would be in support of him. The  big question comming in front of CONGRES is that who will fill his space of  experience.    

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Government agreed to Anna’s 3 key demands

The 8 hours long extraordinary debate on the Lokpal issue on Saturday ended, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee was expressing “a broad sense of the house” that includes an in-principle acceptance of 3 key demands of Anna Hazare by the Lok Sabha. There was, however, neither any resolution nor a voice vote that was expected at the end of the debate, just desk-thumping by members drawn from all parties. These included an agreement on the citizens’ charter, the bringing of the lower bureaucracy under the Lokpal and the setting up of…

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