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New scinario in world politics after death of terror tycoon & IRAN

Aim of  USA completed ,his most wanted terrorist was murdered by USA COMMANDOS ,al Qaedabecome destroyed almost ,IRAK ,AFGANISTAN are become colonies of USA like in previous colonies of UK  (like India ,south africa pakistan,Bangladesh….),you can say this is the time of US of  making colonies in all over the world .at this time no one have capabity to restrain the power of USA ,RUSSIA is not in position to oppose USA. In case of china he can do any thing but in  his own boundaries not beyond his boundaries like USA.position…

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Osamabin laden become hero after death?

Osama bin laden become hero after murdered by  USA navy seal commandos.  Reason is simple any  person who become famous in the world due to his work(right/wrong) gate attention and every one wants to know about him and in Case of OSAMA he was  always glorified by media,print media,electronic media due to this thousand  of people in Pakistan praying for him crying for him,they shouting anti USA slogan. OSAMA BIN LADEN was  not a martyr but by the  act of U.S. He has become hero of radical groups of all over the world ,if USA…

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A Stealthy Helicopter Used for Attack on Bin Laden That Had Been a Secret

The assault team who killed Osama bin Laden sneaked up on his compound in radar-evading choppers that had never been discussed publicly by the USA government, aviation analysts said Thursday.   The commandos blew up one of the choppers after it was damaged in a hard landing, but news photos of the surviving tail section reveal modifications to deaden noise and reduce the chances of detection by radar.   The stealth features, similar to those used on advanced fighter jets and bombers; help give details how two of the choppers…

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