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USA Announces $10 Million For Pakistani Loveable Boy Hafiz Saeed due to his henious crime agianst huminity

After announcement of USA the new terror tycoon would be no longer to live on this planet that become definite .the chief of the banned Jamaat-ud-Dawa have done heinous crime against India by sending his terrorist in Indian boundary . He was the man behind 26/11 attack in which 173 people are died in Mumbai, he is the new Osma of this world due to this keeping in mind a new threat for USA ,USA announced a reward of $10 million for the capture or information leading to the capture…

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New scinario in world politics after death of terror tycoon & IRAN

Aim of  USA completed ,his most wanted terrorist was murdered by USA COMMANDOS ,al Qaedabecome destroyed almost ,IRAK ,AFGANISTAN are become colonies of USA like in previous colonies of UK  (like India ,south africa pakistan,Bangladesh….),you can say this is the time of US of  making colonies in all over the world .at this time no one have capabity to restrain the power of USA ,RUSSIA is not in position to oppose USA. In case of china he can do any thing but in  his own boundaries not beyond his boundaries like USA.position…

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