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Most Exclusive Features of Mercedes Benz A-Class

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As it is the tradition of Mercedes, no scrap cars come from the manufacturing door of this luxury-driven company. The latest Mercedes-Benz A-class does not disappoint as it has opened new doors in the compact segment world. The vehicle boasts of an emotive design backed up by a powerful engine with options ranging from the 109 horsepower to the stronger 211 horsepower. The new versions in this class have highlighted that for a fact, when it comes to Mercedes Benz, safety can never be compared to price, and luxury and class remain to be the vehicles signature appearance.

The ExteriorMercedes Benz A-Class

As we would all expect, the design, apart from the aerodynamic shape, the A-class has a somewhat friendly look that hides some aggressiveness on the grille. The exterior’s sportily emotive look is just a welcome mat to the high-quality luxurious feel of the vehicles interior. The most pronounced of the A-class is the V-shape, the Mercedes star (with two slats on either side) at the center of the radiator grille, and separate headlamps. There are also additional air intakes located on both sides of the front and the sidelines that dissipate as they approach the front of this machine.

The Interior
It is obvious that with a great looking exterior, the interior must be outstanding. The interior of the car steals the features used in aircraft designs thus bringing comfort, luxury and safety all into one roll of greatness. There are 5 round vents on the panel of instruments with outer electroplated finishes. The instrument cluster in made up of 2 large instruments with small dial sets within. There is a wide range of the interior materials to choose from such as leather fabric or fabric/ARTCO which signify the essence of giving the vehicle a more personalized feel.

Agility and Refined Sportiness

The meaning of refined sportiness is simply the combination of safety and agility at its maximum. The A-Class is not just another car in the world of luxury automobiles; the vehicle is designed to handle high level agility without necessarily compromising on stability which is a stronghold of this particular brand. The new A-class has an electromechanical power steering, 4-link rear axle to enhance the much needed stability during high speed. There are options available in suspension with the main ones being the comfort and the sporty suspension. The sporty option gives the vehicle the sports features while still keeping the luxurious appearance traditional with the Mercedes cars. The steering wheel has been calibrated to provide precise steering through minimum inputs.

Other Features
One important feature on A-class that makes is unique, is the ability to use aerodynamics to cut down on fuel consumption. The vehicle has a 6-speed manual transmission option that keeps the gear shifting process comfortable and effective. As for safety, the vehicle boasts of a belt tensioners and force limiters. There is also an active bonnet that ensures the safety of pedestrians. The safety in the A-class has been extended equally to the rear seat occupants as well as the child seat system on the outer seat. The vehicle has rigid structures on its side to ensure that in the case of a side impact the occupant’s survival space is well guarded. In a nutshell, the Mercedes A-class features are the reason why this vehicle is unique.

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