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How to cheer-up an angry kid on Christmas morning

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You may encounter various problems and issues while planning Christmas, preparing arrangements and during the celebrations of Christmas to keep each and everything in place and well managed. However, things can go wrong if you have to face the rage of an angry kid right at the Christmas morning. And the reason you would find after an hour of screams and cry is that the kid didn’t get the same gift that he wished from Santa.

This problematic situation can go better or worse depending on the way to try to handle it. If you try to let the kid understand about the facts it will be of no use, or the child will burst more. Instead, use other tricks to make the kid happy and forget the issue with a promise that you will get that specific gift for him later. Now come the issue of what to do to divert the attention of your child from the matter to make him indulge in the merriments of Christmas. Resolve this knot with these fascinating tricks to make you kid giggle in

Tempting holiday breakfast

The best thing a mom can do to make her baby smile is to make him/her his/her favorite breakfast as best gift ideas for Xmas morning. The meal just not be according to the kid’s choice, but it should also depict the cheeriness of Christmas such as

  • Mount a tree with thick pan cakes topped with star fruit wedge
  • Make a reindeer with cookies and bacon
  • Craft Santa Claus with bas of round cookie, whipped cream as beard, chocolate bean eyes, cherry nose and strawberry hat
  • Pan cakes can also be transformed into snowman with cream and beans
  • Mount a tree of fluffy waffles
  • Make a Christmas candy with banana and strawberry pieces

You can also add your own imagination to bring the best idea to the breakfast table to amuse the child to celebrate Christmas with a smile.


Every kid gets excited to have pop ice-lollies regardless of the weather conditions outside. If you need to cheer-up your angry kid in a park than grab colorful popsicles in Christmas color theme and enjoy the thrilling change in your kid’s mood.

Fun activities

Carry out fun activities with kids for some time to make then forget the fury issue of Christmas morning. Make them indulge in entertaining actions to make their holidays busy and cheerful. Few of such activities can be:

  • Making paper elf with your own face photo
  • Turn a muffin pan into advent calendar
  • Get a felt Christmas tree and decorative props to let your kid decorate it

Plan for a movie

Kids with bad mood usually need a long list of promises that you would fulfill from now on and will never end. For a kid like that, it’s better to give a big treat in form of going to see movie of your kid’s choice, or surprise him with a newly released movie on cinema.

Narrate the comic or jokes

For bringing giggles on the cute face of your baby, you just have to break some jokes and perform a comic character in a funny way. Cuddling with your jewel and tickle him/ her will be as amusing for you as for your child.

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