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Have a great time at Wonder Park

  • Sumo

Mumbai is said to be the financial capital of India and it is one of the busiest city in the country. There is a saying which goes like ‘Mumbai never sleeps’. People keep on working hard and partying harder here. Not only that, those who visits this city cannot get enough of the innumerable serene places to visit in the city. There are some specific places which are a must when you are doing a city tour in Mumbai.

Wonders Park at Nerul is definitely one such attraction. Though it has been not many years that this place has become a part of the tourist attractions but this park at Navi Mumbai is definitely a must visit when in Mumbai. This place was inauguratedjust a few years back in the year of 2012. Within five years of journey, they have made a place in the top tourist attractions in Mumbai. Wonder Park mainly covers an area of 30 acres of land and in this land, there are plenty of fun and attractions for both the children and adults. That is why; one can spend a fun time with their family and friends in this park.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has built this park keeping in mind their rules and regulations. The basic study says that this park was built by sending an amount if Rs.44 cores. Here a lot of fun rides and attractions are found but the main thing that one can see here are the replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World. So, the park actually gets its name from here. It is named as Wonder Park because it has all the wonders of the world in it.

The major attraction here as it is said above is the Seven Wonders of the World. These are the Coliseum of Rome in Italy, Tajo Mahal of Agra in India, Cristo Redeactor of Rio de Jeneiro in Brazil, Machu Pichu of Peru in South America, Great Wall of Chona on the Chinese border, ChichenItaza in Yucantan of Mexico and Petrah Al Khajena of Mann in Jordan.  One can get to see her major information and minute details of every wonders in from tofu their replica here.

Not only the wonders of the world, here can one find other major attractions as well. Among them, the toy train and the ferry rides are the most popular. The toy train is one of the favourite rides for the children and even for the grownups as well. Everyday a huge amount of crowd gathers to get a ticket of the joy ride and there is a huge amount of rush there. Other than this ferry wheel there are other fun things for the children like a cycling track and a jogging track as well. Then there is an am phi theatre which can accommodate almost 100 people for a single show. This place is full of lush greens everywhere and here are a lot of empty places where one can indulge into an afternoon or an evening stroll.

This park so a major place of attraction in the city and one cannot afford to miss this place when they are travelling here. The children will enjoy to the fullest and the grown up will also have a nice time here.


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