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Diesel to Be the Leading International Transport Oil

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People will want to keep their transport costs down in the coming years. Therefore, sales of light-duty vehicles are expected to soar. By the year 2020, gasoline is predicted to be surpassed by diesel fuel. At the moment, the majority of vehicles in the transport industry are powered by gasoline. In 2020, it is expected that 7/10 vehicles will be powered by diesel.

The marine and aviation will be responsible for around one-quarter of the diesel used around the world. At the moment, this figure only stands at one-eight. Developing countries will also account for four-fifths of the development.diesel-fuel-3

Currently, there are around 800 million vehicles in the world. By 2040 this figure is expected to rise to 1.6 billion. During those 27 years, there not expected to be any development in the gasoline industry. This is because sales of vehicles powered by fuel will fall as energy-efficient alternatives become available.

Hybrid vehicles are likely to account for 4/10 vehicles by 2040. In the years after that, they will become cheaper and therefore more people will use them. Hybrid vehicles are run by electrical energy. So vehicles won’t just be run on gasoline and diesel.

As technology keeps advancing, traditional vehicles are still being improved and will still remain proficient. Nowadays we rely on fuel so much. However, it won’t be as common as it is today in 2040 so we will be using much less and therefore looking for alternative sources of energy to power vehicles. However, before hybrid vehicles will take off, they still have a lot of problems that they to overcome before they can compete with traditional vehicles.

This item was written by Brian Madden; Online Advertising Assistant at Crown Oil.


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