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Coaching institutes play the role of building skilled manpower. Is that true?

  • Sumo

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I want to begin preparation for civil service examination. I want to sharpen my skills to clear up the IAS exam. Do I need any sort of coaching? Which coaching institute should I refer? These are some of the common questions which are quite usual to strike in the mind of a candidate preparing for Civil Services. Every other student finds himself in the dilemma of referring to a coaching institute and above all, which coaching institute, he should select. Such confusion is also normal as we are living in the era of cut-throat competition and of course, everyone wants the success and that too at any cost. But, do you think, coaching institute play the lead role in building skilled manpower for the country? Let’s find out what the reality behind this.

Role of coaching institutes:the role of the top IAS coaching in India comprised of the shaping an extraordinary human being from a mediocre man with the aid of right direction and precise information. Most probably, the institutes perform their duties well by offering unquestionable guidance to the students in their endeavor to get success in the tough competition. The educators are competent enough in handling ample of queries made by students with regard to their subjects and future aspirations. The teachers utilize their experience in guiding the students to make best use of their coaching classes and also in the large spectrum of the competitive exams, following their career goals. Despite of a clear role, many coaching institutes failed to perform even 10% of their duties. How? Let’s find out.

What coaching institutes actually do?Every coaching institute claims to offer a comprehensive study system to the aspiring candidate. But, factually, only few provide a fundamental study to the students. rest merely play with the innocent mind of the students by quickly covering the most common topics asked in the Civil service Examination rather than laying the strong foundation base of different concepts. Most of the centers bombard the students with variety of notes and study materials and expect them to go through each of them carefully. Can this be possible? I don’t think so.

If student has to go through everything available in the market, then why he need to approach the coaching institutes. The purpose of coaching is to guide the student with the best of all study material that will help him in targeting his success goal.

What’s right for you? We are not saying that coaching isn’t good for you. But, you need to understand one simple thing. You are best teacher for yourself. None of the coaching can better teach you unless you are self-devoted. It’s not that you didn’t need the coaching. If you feel that you are in great need of certain guidance for better study, you must do a little research before heading towards a coaching institute.

Don’t merely go on the fake promises made by many. Simply judge a coaching and its class structure before making the final decision. With a little search, you can easily get into the top IAS coaching in India and get ahead on the next step to your career goal of becoming a part of Civil Services.


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