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China- The Land of Unexplored Wonders

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China is a big fat Asian continent with a bucket full of surprising geographical wonders. If you pay a visit in China, apart from the gigantic Great Wall of China (which has a space view), lip-smacking spicy Chinese delights and unbelievable Chinese Fensui (which has logic beyond descriptions) there many more other wonders that deserves your attention. So, before packing your bags, take a peek of these places which you can’t afford to miss while being in China:

Jiuzhaigou- (China’s First National Park)

Featuring high mountain glacial scenery, waterfalls with a height of about 2000 to 3000 meters, Jiuzhaigou will mesmerize your heart and soul with its spectacular views. Apart from these natural beauties, it has something in unique other than common national parks. As its name suggests, this park boasts of multi-hued pools which are a kind of turquoise in color.

jiuzhaigou national park china

Wulingyuan- (Avatar’s special Halleluyah Mountains)

It is located in Zhangjiajie and is regarded as natural wonder centering the Bryce Canyon or the Monument Valley. The yellow bright sandstone pinnacles are clumped together in groups and looks like a dense forest which are 200 meters tall, giving an effect of greenish-white cedars. It is also the center of biological hotspots and has perfect interplay of spires and fog-mist. You can get the James Cameron Avatar feel on your exclusive visit to this place by availing coupons.
Wulingyuan- (Avatar special Hallelujah Mountains)

Li River Karst Scenery- (The diamond stud of Guilin)

Li River in Guangxi is a limestone packed deeply weathered place which can be rightly said as the diamond stud of Guilin. You can approach through its heart via a cruise boat and can emerge yourself in its rapid transforming panoramic view which engulfs 83 kilometers stretch with Guilin and Yangshuo by its side.

Li River Karst Scenery- (The diamond stud of Guilin)

Mount Everest- (World’s highest peak)

The white capped peak of Himalaya, the Mount Everest, located between the Tibet and Nepal border can give you goose bumps with its scintillating but magnetic views. When viewed from close vicinity, the feeling is just mind-blowing. You need to be medically fit and at the same time have some hands on experience on mountaineering if you want to take   a trail through its daunting height.

Mount Everest- (World’s highest peak)

Tiger Leaping Gorge- (Second Steepest Canyons)

Being located over Yangtze River which closest to the city of Lijiang, this canyon has secured the second position in the category of the deepest steep canyons in the world (just after the Grand Canyon in USA). It is 16 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide and is regarded as the China’s prime hiking zone with convenient yet comfortable ethnic getup inns along with exclusive trails. During your China tour, you should no way miss a visit to this spectacular place.

Tiger Leaping Gorge- (Second Steepest Canyons)

Qiatang Tidal Bore- (Home to the giant tidal wave)

This is indeed the biggest tidal bore of the world! It has two contrasting mountains along with Qiatang Tidal Bore at a very low elevation level, just kissing the sea. Annually, it organizes a festival over the most predicted peaks to sea the beauty of the water currents (generally at the mid autumn). So, if you are lucky enough to visit China during this season, you can be the witness of this natural wonder.

Qiantang Tidal Bore- (Home to the giant tidal wave)

So, as you can see, China never ever fails to astonish its visitors with its diversified geographical features and climates. With discounted groupon coupons and finger licking Chinese delights, the journey will becomes even more charming and exclusive for you.


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