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Improve Your Online Shopping Experience with These 6 Tips

Today, if you ask someone to come along to a shopping mall, he/she is definitely going to make excuses. Who likes the idea of visiting a crowded mall! Those aimless visits to multiple stores are pure waste of time. Why would anyone do that! With the advent of online shopping, it is much easier to sit down on your comfortable couch and browse through millions of products without actually moving out of the house. Both men and women are equally excited about the concept of shopping in the comfort of…

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reshma-qureshi-walks-at-new-york-fashion-week Lifestyle 

Reshma Qureshi, Indian acid attack survivor walks New York Fashion runway

About Reshma Qureshi walks at New York Fashion Week: Reshma Qureshi, a 19-year-old acid attack survivor girl and campaigner for the #EndAcidSale movement & #TakeBeautyBack, has walked the New York Fashion week runway, in what she called a life-changing experience. Since Ms Qureshi was attacked by her brother-in-law in 2004, pinned down by his friends and her face doused in acid, she has become the face of a campaign to end the open sale of acid in India. Reshma opened the show for Indian designer Archana Kochhar, looking absolutely stunning…

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Discover Designer Sarees And Your Match Too

Sarees are the best thing that has ever happened to the Indian fashion. For generations, this lose garment has very well managed to protect our style quotient and not to forget the elegancy it has wrapped around us. Styling yourself with saree doesn’t need a special occasion and at many times special occasions calls for saree other than any of your party dresses. With the changing generation and with a design crazy crowd, the sarees have also managed to give in to the demands, and guess what? The crowd is…

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Xiaomi reduces India price of Redmi Note 4G

A price cut of Redmi Note 4G from RS 9999 to Rs 7999 has been announced by Xiaomi company on Tuesday. All online store in India like flipkart,,, and so more are selling at price Rs 7999/- Company is facing high competition with other players like Micromax’s Yu Yuphoria (price Rs 6,999), Lenovo A6000 Plus and Moto E (2nd Gen). So company Xiaomi had slashed the prices of Redmi Note 4G (RS 14999)and Mi4 Handset as well. Related articles ZTE Launches Cheapest 4G Smartphone Blade Qlux in…

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Healthy Lifestyle for new moms

After having a new born, most new moms forget about taking care of themselves and start focusing on their baby. It is important not to neglect yourself because it might directly affect the baby. It will also enable you handle the new hectic schedule of taking care the baby. Below are some guidelines on your new lifestyle. Healthy Diet A good and healthy diet will help a new mom keep their energy levels up because looking after the new baby takes up a lot of energy and time. How you…

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Tips to stay away from bad online shopping deals

Log into your web mail account in the morning and gazing again at you is a long trail of mails. No, not sends from companions or relative, however e-tailers attempting to persuade you that they have ‘the best arrangement around the local area’. Next, scan the web, for whatever you are searching for, and you are always barraged with messages – ‘pick the best arrangement’, ‘its not an arrangement, its a take’, ‘low priced costs’, ‘purchase 1 get 1 free’ et cetera. These advertising systems do have a tendency to…

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Top Reasons for You to Keep an Eye on Lifestyle Update in India

You might think that getting a Lifestyle News Update is quite boring with the same advice on all the programs; exercise and eat a balanced diet. Well, it is here that you are wrong. Indians have had a drastic change in their lifestyle in the last decade or so with effects on health becoming obvious with every passing day. India is on its way to becoming the diabetic centre of the world and some recent news suggests that it is also topping the charts in some heart diseases. How can you ignore…

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The power of Astrology

Now a days, astrology holds a very good position in our life. Whether People have to join a job, shift their home, start some kind of new activity, end anything etc, they are all governed by astrology. Often we see people matching their horoscope before marriage, we see parents keeping the name of their child by consulting the astrologer, youngsters choose their career by consulting the astrologer and many such activities. But the question is whether it is actually required or not. Recently nirmal baba was seen a lot in…

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How to impress a girl and know she is liking you or not

That is very much intresting that every one want to know that this girl is liking him or not.but one thing is much intresting is that maximum girl dont know what they want .if a girl is behaving utrandum with you then you should be careful because it is possible That she wants you that is definit ,but if she is comfortable with you then forget her because she wants to make you her best friend or friend,but not intrested to make you her boyfriend.if she is taking much time…

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