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LUV ka THE END synopsis, stills and reviews

  • SumoMe

This movie is made targeting the audience of age group 15 to 25 years. The proportion has reached 35 per cent. New director Bumpy give the audience the tricks to end their love life. But then he becomes so busy in that and forgets how to end the story.
RIA (Shraddha Kapoor), a college student falls in love with Luv Nanda (Taha Shah). Luv is, very popular in the college and many Girls like innocent and cute looking Luv. Luv is the son of the city’s well-known businessman. He is very irresponsible person and likes to flirt with girls always. Even then Ria is in true love with him.
After some time Ria comes to know that Luv is not perfect guy for him. Then inspite of sitting in the room and crying she plans to end the relationship and teach Luv a lesson.
From acting point of view shraddha Kapoor’s acting is better from Last time (in Teen Patti). Meanwhile, no other Actor/Actress has impressed with acting.
Direction is very weak and no other character that Hero- Heroine have got importance. You will know right from the beginning that what will be the climax of the story.
Music is average and only the title track of the movie can be heard. you can see the movie if you want to learn tricks to teach your boy friend/girl friend a lesson.


  1. neha says:

    movie is very loose in direction and is unable to make grip onm viewers

  2. Maya says:


  3. manas says:

    lagta hai movie dekhni padegi…