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Are we really developed????

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Do you remember when did you sit together with your parents, laughed with them, shared your experiences with them….. I think it is very difficult for the professional people to find time for these type of unproductive activities. Lifestyle has become too different that as it was a decade ago. Lifestyle has changed from collective to individualistic. Social networking site was full of mother’s day wishes yesterday but I don’t know how many of us had time to spend some quality moments with our mother. People have become broad minded but think only about themselves. In ancient Indian society was the main concern of decision making. But now selfishness has taken the place of altruism. This can be beneficial in the short run but is dangerous when wider perspective is seen. It is well known saying that “united we stand, divided we fall.” But no one is thinking and applying this in his lifestyle. We have examples from daily life that People are becoming over sensitive on small issues. This creates health problems from a very young age. Blood pressure, heart attack and other such health problems are engulfing the youth. This sometimes make me think that are we really developing? For a developing nation, we should think for the country as a whole rather than having individualistic approach. The soldiers who are risking their lives on the border do not get adequate salary, do not get as good facilities as their doctor, engineer friends get. Youths go to join army only if no option is left with them. Yet we want them to protect us, keep us safe. Government should think in this regard and improve the facilities for them so as to inspire them.                      

                                                                                                                                                                                             BY:-SHIVANGI JHA


  1. Maya says:

    No Boss we are in developing…………………….
    99% complete…………………
    Keep writing gud stuff……………..

  2. manas says:

    yes i completely agree with the author….sites of social networking do have an effect, both +ve nd should sure be linked to such sites but d classical means of communication should not beleft avoided